Stop Wasting Time on Manual Reporting in 2022

An empowered, connected finance function could be your organization’s most valuable strategic asset. But without the right tools, many finance teams limit their strategic value by wasting resources managing manual processes, managing static spreadsheets that are not scalable, and managing their ERP’s insufficient built-in reporting tools. In a volatile, post-2020 landscape, sluggish manual processes are becoming a serious liability for businesses.

Kickstart your new year by connecting your team to trusted, purpose-built reporting tools that 30,000+ insightsoftware customers use every day to deliver fast, accurate reports. Empower your team with agile, customizable, and efficient financial reporting technology, so you can dedicate resources to analysis and unlock deeper insights about your business.

Join us on January 20 to see how easily you can realize powerful time-saving efficiencies:

  • Shrink reporting cycles. Eliminate manual data dumps by building refreshable reports using easy-to-configure, pre-built templates, or by creating a custom report in minutes.
  • Simplify complex reporting tasks. Easily produce comparative reports across different periods, departments, or projects and refresh them in seconds
  • Unlock connectivity smarts. Leverage insightsoftware’s deep knowledge of ERPs to connect your team to real-time, transactional level data.

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