Streamline Administration, Tighten Compliance, and Minimize Risk of Managing Equity Compensation Plans with Certent Equity Management Software

Do Your Equity Administration and Reporting Processes Suffer from These Challenges?

You Spend Too Much Time on Low-Value, Manual Processes

Equity administration is typically punctuated by periods of high-volume activity, making it more tough to handle alongside your other day-to-day tasks. Whether you’re facing stock grant renewals, or experiencing a period of fast development, filings, and manual operations such as financial reporting under ASC 718 can get onerous.

You Face Increased Pressure to Meet Financial Compliance Requirements

There’s little confidence to be found in relying on manual methods for your equity plan management. Manually administering stock schemes, cap tables, and financial reports is time consuming and mistake prone. From lack of connectivity across systems to the lack of audit trails and security limits for your manual Excel-based reporting, you know you’re putting your organization’s regulatory compliance at risk.

Your Existing Platform Can’t Scale to Support Your Growing Business

As your firm has developed, you’ve realized that tracking and maintaining equity programs is getting progressively more complicated. Managing your equity plan on spreadsheets worked well enough in the beginning, but as you go through more financing rounds or maybe an IPO, your disclosure and compliance needs will get considerably more complex, and the penalties for doing it wrong exponentially more serious.

Cap Table and Equity Management Software and Administration Services That Grow with Your Business

Cap Table and Equity Management Software

  • Simplified web-based platform for complete SEC, FASB, and IFRS calculations
  • Supports for over 15 award types
  • Full audit trail to track changes
  • Grant modifications
  • Simplified data import
  • Administrative alerts
  • Cap table management and waterfall analytics
  • ESPP administration and accounting

Enterprise-Class Accounting Calculations and Reporting

  • Expense calculations and logbook entries
  • Earnings per share/dilution calculations
  • Tax accounting and reporting for deferred tax asset, deferred tax benefit, Additional Paid in Capital Pool Amounts, and jurisdictional tax allocations.
  • Library of customisable, pre-built reports covering disclosures and proxy reporting
    Modeling and forecasting tools

Self-Service Participant Portal

  • Online grant delivery and acknowledgement
  • Connection to your broker of choice
  • Support for end-to-end exercise and settlement process
  • Flexible share payment methods
  • Participant email communications

Document Management

  • Upload single or many documents including agreements and plan terms and conditions
  • Distribute as solo papers or document bundles and track them quickly and efficiently
  • Manage signing procedure (when necessary) with an integrated signature gathering app. Create a signature hierarchy for papers requiring multiple signatures to ensure individuals sign in the proper order
  • Provide access through the participant portal or through a secure email connection

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