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Who Is Logi?

Logi Analytics is the #1 development platform for embedded analytics. For over 17 years, Logi has helped companies embed sophisticated dashboards, reports, and KPIs in their applications. Logi is the only analytics provider focused exclusively on embedding analytics in commercial and enterprise software applications.

Logi is the long-standing market leader in embedded analytics, recognized by Gartner and Dresner. We help application teams embed sophisticated analytics capabilities to enrich their software products, engage end users, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Developer Grade Analytics

Delivering compelling applications with analytics at their core has never been more crucial—or more complex. Over 1,900 mission-critical applications have trusted Logi’s developer grade analytics platform to deliver sophisticated analytics and power their businesses.

With Logi, you get:

  • A trusted partner in the #1 analytics development platform
  • Ultimate control to create an unparalleled user experience
  • Sustainable, streamlined application delivery by leveraging your existing infrastructure

See what we can do for you in the Logi Visual Gallery:


How We’re Different

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  • Over 1,900 customers have chosen Logi for embedding analytics within their mission-critical applications.
  • 100% of our product innovation is concentrated on embedded analytics, so your applications become more valuable, faster.
  • Logi services and support live and breathe embedded analytics, so they understand your challenges and know how to address them.
  • Our pricing and licensing model is designed to align with the way you do business, so you can grow without being held back.
“Logi Analytics is the fastest, easiest and most affordable solution available for ISVs and SaaS companies who want to embed dashboards and reporting into their applications.”
Steve Fischer, CTO, Origami Risk
Ultimate Control for an Unparalleled User Experience
  • Powerful, pre-built analytics features can be easily combined to create a unique, differentiated end user experience.
  • Flexible APIs let you embed analytics that match your brand within the flow of your existing application, making your product stickier.
  • Advanced self-service capabilities engage end users while reducing the backlog of requests for custom reports.
  • Robust extensibility means it’s easy to add external components for unique requirements, without a long development cycle.
“The most common term I have heard is ‘game-changer.’ This technology is a game-changer because it is not just presenting interesting metrics. The dashboards provide unparalled context, richness and depth.”
Derek Kramer, CIO, Service King
Leverage Your Infrastructurefor Sustainable, Streamlined Application Delivery
  • Logi uses your existing data infrastructure, eliminating redundant data investments and allowing for real-time analysis.
  • Adaptive security uses your existing security model, eliminating extra development effort and ongoing maintenance for your team
  • OS agnostic means Windows and Linux server support removes the need to retrofit your environment to support world-class analytics
  • Scales horizontally or vertically on commodity server infrastructure, enabling faster product lifecycles.
“We needed a highly embeddable solution, and Logi Info was really the perfect fit. I haven’t seen anyone come close to offering what Logi does for people in the OEM space.”
Andrew Brodie, CEO, SSB Consulting

See what we can do for you in the Logi Visual Gallery: