Spreadsheet Server: Real-Time Reporting that Connects to 140+ ERPs Directly in Excel

Fast, Flexible Financial Reporting in Excel

Export ERP Data to Excel

Easily export data from your ERP into Excel with 1-click. No more manual downloads or CSVs.

Real-Time Data

Data from your ERP automatically changes in Excel so you are never dealing with stale figures.

140+ ERPs and EPMs Supported

Works with Oracle, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, MRI, Epicor, Infor, Viewpoint, Deltek, and over 130 more.

Self-Serve Custom Reports

Team members may simply design their own unique reports with a drag-and-drop report maker. No need to worry IT.

Combine Data Sources

Combine data from multiple platforms, including GL and non-GL data. Works with 140+ ERP systems.

Automate Data Prep & Formatting

Automate preparation and formatting of data so it is ready to use immediately away. Eliminate dangers connected with manual entering and editing.

Spend More Time Analyzing Data and Less Time Preparing Them

Close Your Books Faster

By connecting to your live ERP data from inside Microsoft Excel, your entire team can easily produce bespoke reports from any ERP Module or get a jump start with pre-configured queries from your peers. Drill deeper to uncover the details behind the figures and receive immediate answers to crucial business concerns.

Streamline Reporting for All Your Data Sources

Bridge the gap between your corporate data and smart reporting by merging your GL and non-GL data from several systems in a single report. Spreadsheet Server links to over 140 ERP systems so you can access your data securely from within Excel and produce real-time financial and operational reports across all ERP modules.

Experience Reporting Designed for Finance

With a quick, flexible, and intuitive solution purpose-built to fit your team’s demands. Spreadsheet Server is a true self-service reporting platform that encourages users to think outside the bounds of typical reports and develop the reports your business needs—without relying on IT or expensive consultants.

Get Up and Running Fast

With a quick install for short time to value. Spreadsheet Server automates time-consuming tasks while adhering to your ERP security to speed up data integration. Experience high levels of user adoption owing to our platform’s comprehensive integration with Excel—finance’s tool of choice.integration with Excel—finance’s tool of choice.

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Real-Time Reporting Spreadsheet Server