Reliable Reporting and Analytics for All Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Data

A Single Source of Truth for All Financial and Operational Reporting

Gain Control and Consistency Over Your Data

Benefit from consistently implemented business logic across all your data. No more re-creating computations in multiple front-end tools.

Report Across Multiple Data Sources

Easily integrate different data sources in one location, merging ERP and non-ERP data in the cloud or on-perm.

Roll-Out Faster, Easier BI Projects

Jet Analytics ERP Smarts means you can get up and running faster, rely less on IT, and lessen your requirement for pricey technical specialists and consultants.

Make Power BI Better

Pre-built data warehouse and cubes optimized for reporting and analytics, Jet Analytics provides you an accurate, regulated collection of data to bring into Power BI.

Easily Migrate to D365

Avoid the tedious migration of data into your new ERP and enable easy reporting across historical and current data in numerous places.

Enable Self-Service Reporting and Analytics

Easy, rapid self-service analytics and reporting allows business users to manage and produce the reports they need.

A Single Source of Truth for Accurate, Reliable Reporting and Analytics

Simplified Data Estate

Jet Analytics allows business users to leverage many data sources for rapid, accurate reporting and analytics. With a straightforward data preparation automation and data modeling solution, you gain the capabilities to meet all your reporting and analytics needs. Through OLAP cubes and tabular models, you can quickly report inside Excel or Power BI, with no scripting and without any technical experience. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces ease data administration and report production and do not need users to input code. Establish a system of record with historical data and numerous data sources, you can assure that everyone is utilizing the same information to run their reports.

Enable Self-Service Reporting and Analytics

With easy, rapid self-service analytics and reporting, business users can manage and produce the reports they need, without relying on IT to prepare their data. Focus on operating the business, not being a data guru.

Speed Up Reporting

Jet Analytics allows you to merge different data sources into a data warehouse, customized cubes, and tabular models, on a platform that permits settings five times faster than manual coding. Build and share dashboards within minutes and obtain significant company information from day one. Seamlessly link and combine numerous data sources for one version of the truth. Speed up reporting cycles with quick query response times, incremental refresh and efficient resource use.

Decrease Cost of Ownership

Reduce rely on expensive technical expertise by adopting reporting and analytics changes in-house, whenever your business needs compel you to alter. Jet Analytics is developed to facilitate quick changes by simplifying the ETL process, with no coding necessary. Get up and going fast using a drag-and-drop interface, employing a library of pre-built OLAP cubes, tabular models, and a reporting and dashboard template library. Maximize efficiency by centralizing data access rules, and by automating data refreshes.

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Reliable Reporting and Analytics