Nano Blue Gives LogiXML a Strong Presence in Australia and New Zealand

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Led by former Business Objects Executive, Firm Brings Deep BI Market Knowledge and Implementation Skill to LogiXML’s International Growth

MANLY, NSW – Nano Blue is a specialized IT consultancy firm located in Australia that serves both the Australian and New Zealand markets specializing in providing unified Business Intelligence Solutions for clients who require reports, dashboards and/or OLAP analysis. They develop solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs, and avoid a ‘one size fits all’ approach that fails to take into account the unique requirements a business may have.

According to Nano Blue managing Director, Tony Hill, “Our experience has shown that reporting and analysis systems often do not receive the attention and consideration required to make them a key asset supporting the strategic goals of an organization. By applying a structured methodology, coupled with proper product selection, Nano Blue helps clients derive better value from their data forming a strong foundation for day-to-day operations.”

Hill brings a unique set of qualifications to the business as a CPA with an MBA. He was recruited as the AsiaPac/Japan Financial Controller for Crystal Decisions, before joining the sales team as an Account Manager and then working as a Senior Sales Executive with Business Objects (after they acquired Crystal).  He has been involved in BI implementations ranging from very large to very small for the last six years.

Earlier this year Nano Blue began working with LogiXML to represent the company’s products in the region. “We chose to work with LogiXML because the value proposition they bring to the market is outstanding,” notes Hill. “I have seen the BI solutions the market evolve around three core areas; enterprise reporting, ad-hoc reporting and OLAP analysis.  Historically, Crystal ruled the reporting world with a wide number of embedded reporting OEM’s and solid enterprise reporting; Business Objects developed metalayers that simplified ad-hoc reporting; and Cognos and Hyperion drove the OLAP analysis market.  Each satisfied the needs of different users in the organization, but none was appropriate for all, driving all to the nirvana of a unified BI platform covering all three area.

”LogiXML entered the BI market at a high maturity point, not hindered by legacy code and cumbersome integrations.  The value of unified BI was clear, and the technology standards (such as web, XML and OLAP) were in place.  A new, unified BI platform was able to be cultivated from the mature understanding of BI requirements, drawing upon modern technology standards, improved development techniques and streamlined coding practices that mapped very well to the Nano Blue approach.”

”We were also impressed that LogiXML “plays fair” with its pricing and licensing strategies.  They offer BI that is suitable for use by one or thousands of users and the appropriate price points to match.  In comparison, LogiXML’s competitors charge a massive premium for their unified BI capabilities, many times the list price of the comparable system from LogiXML. Try asking LogiXML’s competitors for a dual-CPU license to manage and distribute your regular reports; allow your business users to create ad-hoc reports over the web; and provide OLAP slicing and dicing capabilities to uncover hidden trends in your data.  Sit down before you do this.”

”We are making great progress in our business partnership with LogiXML because their values fit our market. Companies in Australia and New Zealand are innovative and demanding.  However, they are typically small compared to companies in the USA and the UK.  They demand cost-effective solutions that can scale from 1 to 1,000’s of users, with the flexibility to choose the level of interactivity that is best suited for the purposes of the individual user,” adds Hill.  “LogiXML offers reporting, analysis, OLAP and dashboards, all delivered automatically over the web, managed and secured centrally, for a fair price – what more could you want?”

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