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Predictive analytics uses historical data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to predict what will happen in the future and help users act preemptively. At the core, predictive analytics answers the question, “What is most likely to happen, and what can I do to change that outcome?”

Banks use predictive analytics to approve credit or detect suspicious activity. Email providers use it to filter spam. Retailers use it to predict customers’ likelihood to churn out or purchase products.

Predictive analytics is most effective when it’s embedded inside applications.

In fact, in a recent survey of 500 application teams, embedding predictive analytics was the #1 capability in product roadmaps.Why? Because embedding machine learning and artificial intelligence inside your application empowers your end users to make better decisions and take corrective action—and ultimately sets your application apart from the competition

Where Predictive Analytics Has an Impact

Industry Use Cases
Healthcare • Recommend preventive treatments
• Reduce hospital readmissions
• Identify high-risk patients to prioritize screening
Hospitality (Hotels,
Restaurants, Spas)
• Predict customer occupancy/attendance
• Predict customer likelihood to go to a competitor
• Grow customer spend by segmenting and targeting with personalized offers
• Gauge propensity for a user to buy a specific product
• Predict which customers are likely to shop elsewhere
• Improve sales through targeted store promotions
• Predict loan defaults
• Identify fraudulent transactions
• Identify best products to cross-sell or upsell loyal customers
• Predictive maintenance
• Forecast labor cost
• Predict raw materials cost
• Predict the best price for a product based on demand
• Foresee demand
• Gauge propensity for a customer to buy the product he/she clicked on or added to cart

Logi Predict is the only predictive analytics solution designed specifically to embed inside existing applications. Logi makes it easy for application teams, product managers, and developers to embed advanced analytics capabilities that highlight future trends to improve operations within the context of the application.

Logi Predict solves four common predictive analytics challenges:

Traditional Predictive Analytics
Logi Predict
Designed for data scientists with deep
understandings of statistical modeling,
R, and Python
Designed for application teams. Able to
implement without any knowledge of R,
Python, or statistics
Actions Into
Users have no clear ability to take action
after seeing insights
Embed intelligent workflows that let your
users take immediate action or trigger
another process without leaving the application.
in Applications
Difficult to embed, deploy, and scale
Designed for embedding, easy deployment,
and scaling so predictive is part of your
current analytics infrastructure
14-step process falls exclusively to
internal data scientists
Intelligent wizard automates and simplifies
a 14-step process into an intuitive
3-step process

Try Predictive Analytics in Your Application

Interested in using your data to predict an outcome? Want to add smart workflows so your users can act on future insights without leaving your application? Logi works with companies to build a proof of concept in less than three weeks.