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We work with you to define your initial reporting requirements, concentrating on the most critical business areas. We understand that many small to medium businesses are not familiar with business intelligence and might not know what they want the system to do until they have access to it. Therefore, we work with you in an interactive way, developing a series of prototypes to illustrate what is possible before finalising the design.

Reports, dashboards and drill-down analyses are built using the data stored in the information model. These reports, dashboards and drill-downs can fixed or variable or any combination. Variable reports allow you to enter parameters to control the scope of the report from wide to narrow detail and anywhere in between.

These mock-ups provide a visual representation of the information needed to be delivered by the BI solution. Managers and users can prioritise the information most important to them, and have an easy-to-understand representation of their needs. Once these informational needs are confirmed, the process of mapping to available data inputs can begin.

This can be viewed live at https://www.logianalytics.com/resources/visual-gallery/