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For organisations that need to provide embeddable, interactive data analytics, dashboards, and reporting to their employees or customers, Logi Analytics delivers Business Intelligence easier, faster and less expensively than ever before. Unlike traditional BI approaches and toolsets that require time-consuming development, only Logi Analytics offers a scalable solution that makes sophisticated BI accessible to any organisation without a large investment in training or services, enabling both technical and non-technical users to make better decisions for their organisations. Unlike heavy, traditional BI platforms or developer tool sets, Logi Analytics provides the only solution that offers complete control and seamless integration, as well as rapid design and deployment.

Logi Analytics enables enterprises to make better use of their data by delivering on the promise of analytics everywhere. By providing both a Web-based data discovery solution and a business intelligence platform that can embed analytics within applications, systems and processes, Logi Analytics helps its customers from the C-suite to the factory floor to be more informed, make better decisions and improve corporate performance. With more than 1,400 customers worldwide, Logi Analytics meets the needs of organisations ranging from small businesses to Global 2000 enterprises. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia and has sales and support offices in the U.K. and Europe. Logi Analytics is a privately held, venture-backed firm with investments from Updata Partners, GroTech Ventures, Summit Partners and LLR Partners.

Logi Info is designed for web application developers and database administrators to publish information to their users in an interactive and secure form. The information can be accessed from any data source, integrated with existing applications and security models and made available to people as pixel perfect reports, interactive visual analytics or personalised KPI dashboards. Logi Info is a complete, code-free development environment that lets you quickly design, create, and deploy sophisticated business intelligence applications. Logi Analytics’s ”Elemental Design” approach includes hundreds of pre-built modules that can be quickly assembled and customised to meet any application requirement.

Logi Vision is a visual data discovery application built for the workgroup that enables everyday business users to tap into the power of analytics. Vision’s recommendations engine, built-in data science technology and collaborative environment make it easy for anyone to analyse, visualise and socialise insights that were previously only available to advanced users. Logi Vision does this by simplifying access to common data sources, minimising the technical skills required for analysis, and providing a mechanism to share information with others. Vision takes cues and best practices from consumer oriented applications, such as Netflix, Twitter and Facebook, to ensure a simplified user experience.

Logi Ad Hoc provides a pre-built application for the general purpose creation and delivery of reports and dashboards. It uses Logi Info as its core underlying technology and allows end-users the ability to build their own reports and dashboards without asking for IT help. When speed is of the essence, Logi Ad Hoc provides the fastest possible way to embed managed reports in an application. With an integration time measured in days instead of months, Ad Hoc lets you meet critical launch deadlines with traditional reporting.