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6.5 Reasons BI Projects Fail

Searching the internet will uncover any number of lists outlining the ‘Top 10 Reasons BI Projects Fail’. According to Gartner, a frightening 70% of all BI projects will fail in the 2012-2014 period. It is therefore imperative that any business considering implementing a BI project ensures they have taken action to avoid failure. Below are outlined some of the top reasons BI projects fail, along with the solutions Nano Blue, in partnership with Logi Analytics, can offer your business. 1. The project stalled or went over budget / deadline: One of the best things about Logi Analytics is the rapid deployment. There are many examples of projects that have been rolled out within a week, a month or a couple of months. There is no worry of going over budget, as project cost is set [...]

Our Top Six Financial KPI Metrics

An integral aspect of business strategy is to define key metrics to meet and surpass business unit goals, and to then explore their interrelationship. It is imperative to first define the most important financial key performance indicators (KPI’s) and plan your entire strategy around them. However, where is one to begin when choosing the right indicators amongst a seemingly endless array of financial data points? The reality is that your business cannot display all of these metrics on your dashboard. We’ve gone ahead and done this work for you, highlighting the 6 key KPI’s we believe are worth considering and tracking. KPI #1: Net Profit Margin You might be asking yourself why we didn’t choose Net Income, also known as the “bottom line” as the first KPI. While this figure is invariably the primary indicator [...]

Our Top 6 IT Server Key Performance Indicators

Whether your company hosts servers onsite or uses a third party virtual server platform like Amazon Web Services, it’s your primary duty as the CTO or IT Admin to establish strong monitoring strategies and ensure your company’s IT operations run smoothly. We’re here to give you a head start, highlighting the top IT server KPIs to incorporate into your daily operations.   KPI #1: Server Uptime Server uptime is a great KPI to kick things off for IT server performance management. This indicator tracks the percentage of time your IT infrastructure is up and running, and most industry insiders will tell you that above 99% is considered favorable. Generally, the remaining 1% (known as downtime) is relegated to critical system maintenance or updates, periodic reboots and the unenviable system crash (we’ll talk more on how [...]

Nano Blue Gives LogiXML a Strong Presence in Australia and New Zealand

Led by former Business Objects Executive, Firm Brings Deep BI Market Knowledge and Implementation Skill to LogiXML’s International Growth MANLY, NSW - Nano Blue is a specialized IT consultancy firm located in Australia that serves both the Australian and New Zealand markets specializing in providing unified Business Intelligence Solutions for clients who require reports, dashboards and/or OLAP analysis. They develop solutions that are tailored to each client's specific needs, and avoid a 'one size fits all' approach that fails to take into account the unique requirements a business may have. According to Nano Blue managing Director, Tony Hill, “Our experience has shown that reporting and analysis systems often do not receive the attention and consideration required to make them a key asset supporting the strategic goals of an organization. By applying a structured methodology, coupled with proper [...]