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For over ten years, Nano Blue have been supporting customers, large and small, with business intelligence and analytics solutions from Logi Analytics. We were the first international partner of Logi Analytics. We have Certified Logi Analytics Consultants on all Logi products, with significant experience building and deploying dashboards, reports and analytics on both Windows and Java platforms. Our most senior consultant has been working with Logi for over 10 years. We are based in Australia, but service customers all over the World, including current customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and the USA.

The following are a number of ways we have assisted our Customers in the past. Contact Us with any questions you might have in regards to how we might assist you in the future.

Dashboard Design Workshops

The first step in implementing a BI solution is to create a mock-up for each user/role that will require regular information. The mock up is a simple, visual representation of the key performance indicators (KPIs) required by each user/role. It acts as a simplified representation of the end result of the BI project. In addition to the visual representation of the KPIs, we work to ascertain the detail that would be required after drilling down (or through) from each KPI on the dashboard.

Detailed Solution Design

The second step in implementing a BI system is to create a detailed specification of the proposed solution, mapping the required outputs back to the data you have available. In doing so, business rules, workflows and system integration points are identified and specified. The specification provides the detailed design and implementation of the BI solution based upon the Logi Analytics products integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

Logi Analytics Application Development

Many companies force their Customers to undertake BI projects on a time and materials basis. However, at Nano Blue, we also provide fixed-fee development options for Logi Analytics applications. This reduces your risks when delivering your BI project, and also frees up your internal resources to focus on other projects and priorities. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Logi Analytics Mentoring Support

Nano Blue’s Mentoring Support sessions provide you with ad hoc access to experienced Logi Analytics Consultants to assist with your development. Each session is conducted by a certified Logi Analytics consultant with 5+ years experience. 10 mentoring sessions of up to 1 hour each which are valid for use during a 12 month period. Mentoring sessions are conducted online via GoToMeeting.

Performance Optimisation Workshops

The performance of Logi Analytics is directly impacted on the way in which it has been developed. We apply our years of Logi Analytics experience to your application to help make it perform better. The Performance Optimisation workshop offers an evaluation of a client’s Logi Info application with a view to optimising performance and enhancing the end user experience. These workshops help to ascertain whether Logi applications are meeting their objectives, be it performance objectives or usage objectives. As part of this engagement, we provide a Logi application built by Nano Blue that enables the auditing of applications, their usage and performance metrics.