6.5 Reasons BI Projects Fail

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Searching the internet will uncover any number of lists outlining the ‘Top 10 Reasons BI Projects Fail’. According to Gartner, a frightening 70% of all BI projects will fail in the 2012-2014 period. It is therefore imperative that any business considering implementing a BI project ensures they have taken action to avoid failure. Below are outlined some of the top reasons BI projects fail, along with the solutions Nano Blue, in partnership with Logi Analytics, can offer your business.

1. The project stalled or went over budget / deadline:

One of the best things about Logi Analytics is the rapid deployment. There are many examples of projects that have been rolled out within a week, a month or a couple of months. There is no worry of going over budget, as project cost is set prior to commencement.

2. There are issues with data:

If a BI project is implemented and there is a discrepancy in numbers, information presented will not be trustworthy, which in turn will lead to people not using the system. Nano Blue is able to ascertain whether data needs to be validated and cleansed, and which components of the data should be fixed in order of priority. It is not necessary for ‘all’ the data to be fixed prior to implementation. By using this component approach, a BI project is able to get off the ground quickly, and the rest of the data can be cleansed following implementation. Nano Blue will also assist in deciding where data needs to be stored – can data continue to be stored onsite, or will a data warehouse be better?

3. Reports take too long to generate:

Many BI systems still take hours, or even days to access data and produce requested reports. With Logi Analytics, reports are generated within seconds. Mr Galsworthy of Islington Council, said that their Logi Info “system is able to query 2.5 million records and eight tables on the fly in only 1.6 seconds, whereas such queries previously required eight hours with Crystal Reports. (read more)

4. Requirements have changed or not been met:

Agility is imperative if a BI solution is to be successful. If a BI solution lacks agility, there is a great risk that by the time the project is rolled out, the solution is no longer what the business needs. If the system is not agile, it is just too difficult to change and update. With Logi Analytics, changes are easy to make without having to change the software. “Moving things around within a report is simple, whereas doing so in Crystal required a lot of reformatting and reconnecting,” stated Mr Edmonds of Motionsoft.

5. People are not using the BI system:

How useful a BI solution is to a corporation is an excellent measure of how successful a BI project has been. Even if a company spends a fortune on an amazing BI solution, if people are not using it, it has been a failure. In order to avoid this, projects need to be easy to understand, provide what is needed, and be accessible to everyone. With Logi Analytics, there are no end-user fees, so everyone can use the system. It is incredibly intuitive, and dashboards can be developed which are very easy to use. There is no lengthy, in-depth training required by end-users – most systems developed are easy to understand from day one.

6. An IT-led project, as opposed to a business-led project:

It is vital that there is effective communication between IT and the rest of the business in order to ensure that the system developed is exactly what is required. IT will typically implement a data-led project, rather than a content-led one. Basically, this means that the IT team connects to a data source and tries to create reports or analysis, rather than talking to the user first to discover what KPIs are most valuable to their working day. Nano Blue works closely with the staff that will be using (not implementing) the end product to guarantee that the business’ needs are satisfied.

6.5 They chose the wrong BI Partner!

One of the most significant reasons that a BI project may fail is simply that the company did not choose to work with Nano Blue, and purchased a product other than Logi Analytics!

Nano Blue acknowledges the above challenges, and makes it a priority to work together with businesses to ensure their BI project is a success.


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